Why_DanaeTravelSo why should you prefer danae.travel for your bookings in your next trip to Greece?

There are so many booking websites out there nowadays. Are you sure that a global company’s website with headquarters wherever on the planet and no local representation will do a better job in getting you what you need at the best possible price utilizing all possible local expertise?

No! Here are the main reasons why Danae should be your booking, provider of choice when booking travel services such as Ferries, Transfers, Hotels and Activities in Greece.

1. Unsurpassed personal service level: Danae is a Greek company based in Greece selling only Greece. Although we are an online travel agency, we employ human agents to come in contact with our customers. You will always find someone to speak to in a courteous, professional and efficient way. A Google search for comments on Danae’s service performance will prove our point.

2. High technology at your fingertips: We develop our website in-house with the users’ ease and security in mind.

3. Especially aimed at the foreign incoming traveler to Greece: We know that Greece, although a magical destination, can be a complex place to get around. With hundreds of islands, ports and airports and literally thousands of connection possibilities between them, planning a trip can be challenging. We keep rolling out tools that will make your life easier. We guess the destination you had in mind while you are still typing its name. We will even spell-check it for you and propose the nearest match. We provide results for neighboring ports to the one you searched so that you will know all your options. You can even search for departures from the nearest town you know. We will always give you the results you need.

4. More information to plan ahead: We are the only website that provides all bookable ferries in Greece along with planned schedules that have yet to be released and cannot be seen anywhere else. We even show small local lines’ schedules which cannot be booked online in a separate section in our search results just for your information.

5. Buy lots, pay once: We are the only travel website that offers a shopping basket where multiple items can be added and payed for only once at the end. This way you save both time and cost!

It is only normal for us to believe that we are the best. But we are confident it will take you just a couple of minutes in our website in order to find it very easy to agree with us!