We are very excited to have released a new feature in our Greek hotels search whereby you may search for any hotel without providing any dates in the search boxes.

This allows for faster hotel searching and also brings all hotels in the results regardless of their room availability status. You may then subsequently add your stay dates in order to check availability for specific rooms and prices.

Search Greek Hotels Without Dates

Thanks to this new feature, the system is able to finish a search much faster since it does not have to make availability and price requests for each hotel in the search results.

If, for example, you are searching for hotels in Crete, and since Crete is a very large destination with more than 1200 hotels in the main four cities (Heraklio, Chania, Rethymo and Lassithi) and all the other areas of the island (such as Elounda), it would take quite long to complete a full search. You can now find all hotels in blazing fast speed and then, when you have filtered your results, insert your stay dates and see the prices just for the hotels you are really interested in.

We hope that you will find this new feature useful in your next search for Greek hotels. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions below.