Greece boasts more than 500 ports within the whole country. Actually, the most up-to-date data provider on Greece, list 533 ports right now.

Moreover, Greek is not known to be the easiest language in the world. As a final touch, many ports and islands have two or three alternative names that may be employed according to the context.

The result is a mind boggling set of destination combinations one must choose from in order to design a trip, and if one does not know how to spell the port or island names, one is in trouble.

As an example, consider the relatively simple case of a traveler who simply wants to go from Athens to the island of Samos on a certain date. Not taking into account the inactive ports, there could be many or all of the below combinations:

  • Piraeus (Athens port 1) – Karlovassi (Samos port 1)
  • Piraeus (Athens port 1) – Vathi (Samos port 2)
  • Piraeus (Athens port 1) – Pythagoreio (Samos port 3)
  • Lavrio (Athens port 2) – Karlovassi (Samos port 1)
  • Lavrio (Athens port 2) – Vathi (Samos port 2)

and the list of options continues…
Danae will compile a list of all port-pairs for you and give you all the alternatives even if you did not know they existed.

Try it yourself with a search from Athens (three active ports) to Mykonos (one active port)or see the result below:

Athens-Mykonos ferry schedules view

Not with Danae! We have built a system that will make your searches for ferry schedules and tickets much friendlier than before.

Apart from giving you all the options to choose from, we also spell-check your location names in order to make sure that you will enter the correct ones even if you do not know them. For example, how do you spell ‘Mykonos’? Is ‘Mykonos’ correct and ‘Myconos’ wrong? Isn’t the island of ‘Kea’ also called ‘Tzia’? Which one should you use? Should you enter ‘Patra’ or ‘Patras’? Are you going to ‘Rhodes’ or maybe ‘Rodos’?

No need to worry. Just type the first few letters of what you have in mind and Danae will guess and correctly spell, and even replace with an alternative, the destination name for you.