About Combined Delivery

Save_MoneyDanae is the only ferry ticketing website in Greece who offer shopping basket functionality. Danae is the only website where one may order multiple legs from multiple shipping companies and combine their reservations into one shopping basket. You then checkout and go through the payment process only once. The service fee is also charged only once in Danae. The only constraint is that you have to complete your order within the time limit imposed to us by the Central Reservations System. The remaining time for payment is shown on the top of the page in bright red.

If you are not able to finalise all of your legs in once, then you must pay the order in order not to loose your reservations. In this case, we offer you the possibility to make a new order at a later date and, provided your first order’s tickets have not yet been dispatched, select as delivery method “Arrange with previous order”. We will merge your new order with the previous one and you will not be charged again for delivery of your tickets.

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