One of the unique features offers is the presentation of three sets of results when you search for Greek ferry schedules:

  • The “Bookable online ferry schedules” coming from the central reservations system (CRS)
  • The “Ferry schedules not officially published yet” which are the ones that companies have pre-planned but have not uploaded on the central reservation system servers yet yet. You may plan ahead with more data available than anywhere else.
  • The “Offline schedules” which cannot be booked online, by ferry operators not publishing their schedules in the central reservations system.These are mostly smaller local ferry operators. This information can be invaluable for travelers searching for all possible ferry connections.

The presentation of this important additional information is possible thanks to our partner Greek Travel Pages ( who allow us to also connect to their servers and have access to their amazing content on Greek ferries and much more.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the information we present:

How many of you are searching for the High-speeds traveling to Mykonos or Santorini in July? Well here they are!


Are you looking to travel between Paros and Antiparos this summer and can;t find information about the ferry connections?


We hope this information will help you plan your holidays to Greece and give you the possibility to plan ahead.