The team at Danae.Travel have made some additions to the website that we feel will be extremely useful to our users.

Up to now, a user had to complete the booking process and reach the payment step in order to see whether their ferry had available seats or cabins or not.

With the new version of our website, the system lets one know the exact availability per accommodation class for all ferries, right at the point of entering passengers’ details. This way, if a class that has been selected has no availability, the user is notified and can select a different class straight away.

Availability Check

 In the example above, the user has selected three two-bunk external cabins for a 6 passebger trip from Piraeus to Chania in Crete. The system notifies immediately that there is availability for only two such cabins and the user has the chance to change the accomodation selection for the third couple without having done any extra work which will be lost.

We are sure this feature will be very useful when planning your trip and are looking forward to your feedback, either as a comment here, or by using the integrated feedback module anywhere in the website.