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Terrain Maps – The best maps of Greece

Terrain Maps staff have walked all trails. They drove all roads. They sailed around each and every island. They recorded every single sight. And They proudly present the best maps ever made for travelers of Greece. Terrain maps are the only maps featuring:

  • 100% field research
  • Waterproof, rip-proof Polyart paper
  • Highly detailed coastline mapping
  • Climbing, biking, diving and canyoning information

The new era in cartography is here. It was made for you, the demanding traveler, explorer, and nature lover. Forget about compromises and pseudo-maps. Travel with the best. Travel with Terrain.


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About Terrain by Terrain!

Terrain is a Greek cartographic company, founded in 2008 by Stephanos Psimenos, travel writer and cartographer with a long experience in the field (founder and ex-owner of ROAD Editions, which went bankrupt at the hands of his ex-partner, after Stephanos sold to him his share of the thriving company in 2007, to start his own business). Thanks to a team of committed cartographers and the use of the latest, state-of the-art technology, Terrain has managed to impress the global mapping community and excite demanding travelers, by creating a series of maps of Greece with unique features!

What makes our maps unique? What makes them extremely reliable and brimming with information, all in a clear modern layout? If we had to summarize the top 10 unique features of our maps, we’d come up with the following:

100% FIELD RESEARCH. We know it sounds too good to be true, but yes, we have taken the hard – let alone costly – way! All data appearing on TERRAIN maps (scales up to 1:100.000) is being collected and updated by exhaustive field research. We drive all roads, walk all trails, visit all sights and points of interest and record everything on our cartographic GPS’s , kilometer by kilometer, step by step, one by one. There is no other way to ensure accuracy of information in such detailed scale maps.

MAPPING OF THE COASTLINE. In our greek islands’ maps, the entire coastline has been mapped using our specially equipped cartographic vessel. Every single beach has been recorded, even the smallest and most remote ones, and all are shown on our maps with their individual features, like, if it’s sandy or pebbly, if there is natural shade, if it is an organized beach or a remote one with no access from land, etc!

WALKING TRAILS WITH MEASURED DISTANCES. In every trail shown on our hiking maps, there are detailed distance measurements from junction to junction, another unique feature of our maps, made possible by having walked and recorded the trails ourselves. This way, by adding up the parts composing their hike, hikers can estimate the walking time – an essential information for hikers.

CLIMBING CRAGS, BIKING ROUTES, CANYONING. TERRAIN’s maps are the only maps to show climbing crags, bolted canyoning routes, diving centers, and suggested routes for mountain biking.

G.I.S. TECHNOLOGY WITH SUB-METER ACCURACY! All information on our island and mountain maps has been gathered by field survey, with the use of high tech GPS devices (Magellan Mobile Mapper CX and ASHTEC 100), providing sub-meter accuracy! All our cartographers are trained to abide by our strict cartographic protocols and to use our specific mapping devices.

MAGELLAN CERTIFICATION. Thanks to the high quality of our cartography, TERRAIN is the only Greek cartographic company to have been awarded the official quality certification by Magellan, thus making its maps approved for use in Magellan’s GPS devices.

POLYART. We chose to print our maps on polyart, making them practically indestructible and totally waterproof. No worrying anymore that your map will be destroyed by water, or torn by heavy use or by folding it to fit in your pocket. These maps will outlive your wildest travels! And when you ‘re done with them, just recycle them.

UPDATES. We wouldn’t go very far without regularly updating our maps. We have worked out a strict updating policy, by which all our maps indicate the publication date and new updated editions of our printed maps come out every four years or earlier. During that time we gather all correction data coming from users and other sources, and then we do the necessary field survey to check it and add any more changes, before we incorporate it in the new edition.

DESCRIPTIONS OF HIKING ROUTES. If you want to do some trekking but don’t know how to go about it, our detailed descriptions of the best hiking routes in each area will be of great help. We have included these on the reverse side of our island and mountain maps.