Cretativity trailer (HD) from Manolis Kritsotakis on Vimeo.

Cretativity is an improvised word combining Creta, which in many languages means Crete, and creativity. The documentary called Cretativity is about six artists from six different countries and six different fields of art who have chosen to live and work in Crete. These six people explain on camera the reasons that brought them to this place, as well as the ones that keep them from moving to a more developed country. Through sounds and images from today’s Crete the audience in being introduced to the contributors’ local sources of inspiration, their thoughts on Greece’s future and their point of view about the pros and cons of an artist living in a place seriously affected by the economic recession yet so special to them.”

Manolis Kritsotakis, Director

Featuring (in order of appearance in this video):

Victoria Hislop (writer / UK)
Ross Daly (musician / Ireland)
Walter Lassally (cinematographer / Germany-Poland)
Jannik Weylandt (photographer / Denmark)
Mathew Halpin (painter / Australia)
Gunnar Stromsholm (classical music festival director / Norway)

Producer : Victoria Trzeciak
Executive producer : Manos Papadakis
Director of photography : Vaggelis Katritzidakis
Director of photography assistant : Manos S. Kritsotakis
Sound recordist : Nikos Kefalogiannis
Editor : Michalis Alexakis
Music by : Daulute
Directed by : Manolis Kritsotakis