Winter ferry schedules to Andros, Tinos and Mykonos were published by the shipping company Golden Star Ferries.

The shipping company that operates the conventional vessel Superferry II announced its schedules from October 12th until December 31st

All below winter ferry schedules to Andros, Tinos and Mykonos can booked on line through

Rafina – Andros – Tinos – Mykonos

From October 12th until December 31st




Departures from Rafina
Daily: Rafina (07:50) – Andros (09:55) – Tinos (11:40) – Mykonos (12:15)

Departures to Rafina
Daily: Mykonos (13:45) – Tinos (14:35) – Andros (16:30) – Rafina (18:30)


Accommodation Classes
Superferry II offers economy lounge, business lounge and cabins.


Useful information

1. Embarkation
Complying with P.D 3 709/2008 of the Greek state, passengers should be on the embarkation area 30 minutes, or 1 hour if they travel with a vehicle, before departure.

2.Control on board
Check-in of tickets upon embarkation and during the trip is conducted by the ship’s inspecting officers. During check-in, passengers are responsible for displaying their tickets and other documentation that justifies a ticket with discount, if that is the case.

3. Luggage
Luggage should be placed on special locations of the ship, complying with the crew’s indications. Valuables should not be left in luggage. Valuables should be handed to the Purser’s office for safekeeping.

4. Timetables
The Company makes all effort to ensure that timetables are kept but reserves the right to make changes without prior notice if necessary.