Gale force winds warning for Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of November. Weather Warning for Ferry Travelers.

The Greek national weather service (HNMS) issued an announcement on Friday warning of an important weather change over the next few days, especially in the northern parts of Greece.

Showers and storms in the islands of the Ionian, Epirus, the western and central mainland and the western Peloponnese are expected to roll in from the West later on Friday, before spreading east to other parts of the mainland throughout Saturday.

According to the HNMS, on Sunday the wet weather will extend to cover all of Greece.

Strong NE winds are expected to follow reaching gale force at sea. The strong winds will test the Aegean on Tuesday and Wednesday which will be accompanied by an important drop in temperatures.

Travelers traveling by ferry on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of November should verify ferry departures with local port authorities.

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