Hellenic Seaways has published its Highspeed 6 ferry routes and schedules to the Greek islands for 2017. The Highspeed 6 sails to Sifnos, Ios and Santorini in 2017 from the main Athens port of Piraeus.

The Highspeed 6 sails to Sifnos, Ios and Santorini in 2017

As announced, from the 26th of May 2017 until the 1st of October 2017, the vessel will operate a daily schedule from:

  • Piraeus (07:15) to Sifnos – Ios – Santorini &
  • Santorini (12:15) to Ios – Sifnos – Piraeus.

The above schedule as well as all of Hellenic Seaways schedules are available for booking online via danae.travel