New online ferry booking features on

New features were added to our online ferry booking platform for ferries in Greece and the Greek islands.

Users can now choose whether they want to hold their ferry tickets before they reach their departure port or pick them up at the port before boarding. For each option, we describe the pros and cons.

For those choosing to hold their tickets before they reach the port, we provide quite a few ticket delivery options. The availability of each one depends on the user’s travel date. The further it is, the more options are available.

For those choosing to pick up their ferry tickets at the port before boarding, we provide a detailed list of the port agents they need to visit, for each port and each ferry operator.

We have also added a new ferry port agent page via which, users can search for any ferry operator representative (port agent) in any port of Greece. Check the page here

By adding the above features, users are now also able to do last minute bookings for ferries in Greece and the Greek islands.

We hope our users will enjoy these new features.

Have a great summer and start planning your next visit to the Greek islands!