Greek government with the support of the European Union will invest up to 1 billion euros to improve ferry service quality and upgrade island port infrastructure.

According to the Greek Shipping Minister Yiannis Plakiotakis, the program aims at improving ferry connections between the mainland and the islands as well as between islands for the better and safer service of passengers.

Rafina Port

The multi-year plan includes:


  • 33 projects to upgrade port infrastructure on the Greek islands
  • 11 projects to address damage associated with global climate change on island facilities and ports
  • Financing of 44 intra-island and inter-regional ferry routes providing incentives to shipping companies for fleet upgrades and modernization
  • Financing of 3 ferry routes between the mainland and the islands

“Approximately 1 billion euros of funds have been secured, which will be allocated between coastal shipping and the ports of our islands, giving solutions to two critical issues concerning insularity: securing efficient and quality ferry connections and modern and safe port infrastructure,” Minister Plakiotakis said.