Greek authorities recently updated the rules for ferry travel between the mainland and the islands as well as between islands. Rules for ferry travel are part of the Greek government’s efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

For travel between the mainland and the islands

All adult passengers must fill out the Pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire and present it with their tickets when boarding the ferry. The Pre-boarding Health Declaration Questionnaire can be downloaded and printed here or completed online here.

All passengers over 12 years old must additionally present one of the following:

1. Vaccination certificate: vaccination must be completed at least 14 days prior to travel date
2. Negative PCR test performed within 72 hours from departure of the ferry
3. Negative rapid test performed within 48 hours from departure of the ferry
4. Recovery certificate: issued 1 month after first positive test, valid 180 days

Children from 5 to 12 years old can travel with a negative self-test result performed within 24 hours from departure of the ferry. Passengers must print and complete the self-test declaration and present it with their tickets when boarding. Self-tests are available in pharmacies.

Children younger than 5 years old do not need to present a negative test result.

For travel between islands

For travel between the islands passengers must present one of the above documents (1 to 4 or self-test result for children from 5 to 12 years old) however they do not need to complete the Pre-boarding Health Questionnaire.

Rafina Port

Those who fail to present the proper documentation during boarding will not be allowed to travel. In addition, they will be fined for non-compliance with public health measures.

PCR and rapid tests for unvaccinated passengers are performed in private diagnostic laboratories or in private clinics or pharmacies, at their own expense.

On islands where there are no private health facilities or pharmacies, the diagnostic tests are performed by municipal clinics.

From September 13, unvaccinated individuals will no longer be allowed to get tested for Covid-19 for free by the mobile health teams of EODY that carry out daily rapid tests at no charge to citizens in different areas.

The use of a protective mask during boarding/disembarkation as well as during the trip is mandatory.

Passengers should be at the port early enough, at least an hour before departure, in order to facilitate the embarkation procedure.