Greek Island Traveler Guides

The complete guides for travelers planning to travel to the Greek islands. Extensive information on ferries, ferry schedules & prices, things to do and much more.

Greek island Traveler Guides

Milos, Greece – The 2017 Travel Guide

Lauded for the sheer diversity and beauty of its beaches, Milos is also home of the world-renowned statue of Aphrodite, on display at the Louvre in Paris. The island’s villages are in traditional Cyclades style with tiny white-washed houses along meandering stone walkways and surrounding welcoming squares.

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Patmos, Greece – The 2017 Travel Guide

Patmos is the Greek island to visit for those Seeking that special spiritual experience. The Chora is made up of beautiful two-storey Cyclades-styled homes clustered around the fortified Monastery of St John. Besides its obvious religious attraction, Patmos is often frequented by Hollywood stars seeking the tranquility and special aura the island offers.

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Syros, Greece – The 2017 Travel Guide

Syros is the capital of the Cyclades and known for its diverse population and culture – a mix of Roman Catholic and Orthodox Greeks. Ermoupolis, its capital, is amphitheatrically built with grand neo-classical mansions, landmarks and smaller island houses connected via marble steps and picturesque pathways.

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Ios, Greece – The 2017 Traveler Guide

Ios may be small with few sites but it magically grows on you. Why? Well a visit to its capital, Chora, and you are bound to stay forever. Lovingly known as Nios by locals, Ios is situated between Naxos and Santorini. If there ever was a party island then Ios is it.

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Sifnos, Greece – The 2017 Traveler Guide

Located between Serifos and Milos, Sifnos is a five-hour journey from Piraeus. The island is known for two things: its celebrated cuisine and its churches and chapels – one for every day of the year. Sifnos is also known for its handful of tiny villages, promising summer strolls made in dreams.

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Amorgos, Greece – The 2017 Traveler Guide

The Amorgos, Greece 2017 traveler guide It’s not by chance that two of Greece’s most prominent poets pay tribute to Amorgos in their works. Nobel laureate Odysseas Elytis and Nikos Gatsos both sing the praises of this tiny Cycladic island set in the middle of Aegean...

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Naxos Greece 2017 Traveler Guide

The largest island of the Cyclades, Naxos is built within a Venetian fortress. Travelers are welcomed by a massive 8-meter-high stone gateway known as the Portara, a 2,500-year-old remnant of an ancient temple dedicated to Delian Apollo

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Paros Greece 2017 Traveler Guide

In the shape of a pear, the Greek island of Paros is located some five hours by ferry or 40 minutes by plane from Athens. Paros Greece, the Cycladic isle is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers keen on water sports, sea, sun, luxury and good food....

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