Wind Conditions Forecast for Ferry Travelers in Greece

A map with live wind conditions for ferry travelers in Greece. The service provides a  forecast for Greece and the Greek Aegean and Ionian Sea Islands. Travelers should note that when the wind force is 7 and over in the Beaufort scale (bf), ferry crossings might be uncomfortable. Ferry cancellations might also occur. In general, conventional ferries are more seaworthy than high speed mono-hauls or catamarans. Small, passenger only hydrofoil schedules might be disrupted in some areas with force 6 winds. offers the wind conditions forecast for ferry travelers in Greece via the Windytv service.

By default, the map shows current conditions. You can use the timeline at the bottom of the map to have access to the wind forecast for the next few days. You can also move the position indicator placed on the map to view localized wind conditions in the area or near the island of your choice.

When wind conditions might disrupt ferry connections in Greece and the Greek islands, the team will publish a warning on its blog and on twitter in order to inform customers and ferry travelers in Greece and the Greek islands in general.

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