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Greece’s mountains, beaches, family values and gastronomy are just some of the 49 reasons to love the country, according to BuzzFeed, an American social news and entertainment website.

The post includes some great pictures of Greece and was created by Alexander Besant, a member of the BuzzFeed Community. The post has went viral on social media channels.

“Out of a frosty winter, a warm Greek summer awaits,” Mr. Besant commented.

Mr. Besant’s top 5 reasons To Love Greece:

1. Greeks take their time.
2. They let beautiful moments linger.
3. They are passionate.
4. Like their ancestors, Greeks are still thinkers (and often big talkers).
5. They live closer to nature than we do.

To see all of Mr. Besant’s 49 Reasons To Love Greece, press here.

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